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Low Vision

Low Vision

What is Low Vision?

Low vision means that even with regular glasses, contact lenses, or surgery, everyday tasks are difficult to see. For some people it’s difficulty reading mail or the labels on a medicine bottle. For others, it’s difficulty seeing at night. The common causes of low vision are macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes, or cataracts.

low vision

What is a low vision evaluation?

A low vision evaluation differs from a “regular eye exam”. Dr. Weeks will assess the severity and nature of vision loss, as well as discuss visual goals to help with daily living activities. She will then present special low vision aids to maximize your remaining vision. The goal of the Low Vision Evaluation is to enable people with low vision to improve the ability to use their remaining vision, so they can be independent and better able to achieve the demands of everyday living.

What to expect?

The initial evaluation will take about one hour. During this time, we will review a detailed assessment of your visual goals. Dr. Weeks will then present appropriate low vision aids, such as stand and video magnifiers to find those that work best for you. Please bring with you any magnifiers or current glasses you now use.

Optical devices

We carry a complete supply of low vision aids including glasses, magnifiers, telescopes, and video devices as indicated by your visual goals. You can purchase the low vision aids and low vision magnifiers here at our office.

low vision

We carry:


Spectacle Readers

Hand Magnifiers (lighted and non-lighted)

Stand Magnifiers

Lenses that filter glare and enhance night vision

Video and digital magnifiers

CCTV (closed circuit television)

Ongoing support

If necessary, follow-up appointments are available, allowing you more training and practice using devices or to meet other vision rehabilitation needs.

The low vision evaluations are only performed in our Hickory location. Please call the Hickory office at 828-328-3900 to schedule an appointment.